First visit

If you are a new patient of the Dentistry Department

Before you come over to Kagoshima University Hospital

Before you come over to Kagoshima University Hospital, you need to

*Kagoshima University Hospital takes new patients even if they do not present a referral letter. In that case, the patient must pay for the Special or Specified Medical Care Coverage. It is recommended that you carry a referral letter with you.

Click here for more information about the referral letter

When you arrive at Kagoshima University Hospital

New Patient Reception


  1. Make sure you carry with you your health insurance card and a referral letter.
  2. Go to the writing table, pick up an outpatient application form, fill it in and present the form to the New Patient Registration with your health insurance card and a referral letter.
    *Make sure you are at the New Patient Registration at least 20 minutes before your appointed time.
  3. When you are finished with the registration, you will be given a patient registration card, an outpatient clinical card and an outpatient memo. Present them to the reception counter of the department you consult.

Consultation and Examination at a Department


If another visit is necessary, make an appointment after the consultation.

Calculation Counter


When you are finished with the consultation, go to the Calculation Counter, present your outpatient memo with an external prescription and your health insurance card, and wait.

Payment Counter


When your name is called, pay your medical care fee at the payment counter.

Your Prescription Medication


If you receive your medication from the hospital, take your prescription ticket when you are finished with the payment and receive it at the hospital pharmacy counter.

If you have received an external prescription, bring it to a health insurance pharmacy.

You can go home now


Take care!

Don’t know which department to consult?

the Dentistry Department

If you are not sure about which department you should consult, visit General Dental Practices first.

General Dental Practices(歯科総合診療部:Shika Sougou Shinryou-bu) TEL.099-275-6605

Click here for the location of General Dental Practices.