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The Medical treatment fees

In our Hospital, from 1st September 2017, the medical treatment fees for patients who do not possess Japanese citizenship and do not have any valid public health insurance in Japan will be calculated at a rate of 20 yen per point.

However, regarding disposable medical equipment, medication, etc., the medical treatment fees will be calculated at a rate of 10 yen per point.

(Not including consumption tax)


You need a referral letter

In principle, all outpatients make a reservation.A referral letter from another medical institution is necessary.


Designated medical care fee (New Patient Charge)

Kagoshima University Hospital has been designated an “advanced treatment hospital” If you do not have a referral letter,you will have to pay an extra ¥5,400(Medecal Departments) ¥3,240(Dental Departments) in accordance with Japanese medical service law. Your health insurance will not cover this fee.


Departments available for outpatient consultation

Cardiovascular Surgery Digestive Surgery (II)
Respiratory Surgery Diabetes and Endocrine Medicine
Breast and Endocrine Surgery Radiology
Neurosurgery Orthopedics
Rheumatological Surgery Dentistry

Steps to be taken before consultation

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